How the HECK do all these bloggers make money from their blogs, eh?!

It's time to find out once and for all!

FINALLY discover all the ways you can make money from a blog, so you can get started on your dream plan to fire your coffee breath boss from your life, travel the world and stop having to choose between a cream cheese bagel OR pancakes. My friends, its time to get BOTH.


I bet you are thinking:

ugh, blogging is so 1992.. right?

Blogging is dead... No one reads blogs anymore!

Anyway, even if people DO read blogs, no one you know makes any money from it. So it can't be real

And how do you get started anyway? You need to learn code, and ALL THE THINGS! O_O

I am delighted to inform you, you are WRONG ON ALL COUNTS!

Which is actually excellent news. Because now you can ACTUALLY learn how to make money blogging, from the horse's mouth.

Yes, I am the horse. The horse is me.

I make a LOTTA money from my blogs, all 6 of them. Like $15,000- $18,000 a month (what a horse eh?!)

I am going to walk you through step by step, the different ways I and other bloggers in this industry monetise our blogs.

Along with examples of companies who pay me, how much I earn and how you can get paid too.


You can even earn money as a newbie. Because I bet you are thinking, it's easy for her, she has a big audience!

Well actually, my 6th blog made money in its 3rd month with only 100 visitors... 

And I have no idea how to code or what the heck javascript errors are (I just want to slap them tbh)

So, its time for you to learn how you too, can start a blog and earn money from it, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

what's inside this blogging training:

The actual reality of running a blog in 2023

You will finally find out why its totally worth setting up a blog this year and some common pitfalls to avoid when you do, so you don't get stuck O_O
The 6 best ways to make money blogging
Find out the 6 ways I monetise my blogs, the companies that pay me and screenshots of actual earnings from my blogs. So you can earn the same!


Find out the GOLDEN formula to make money from your blog the fastest way along with how to get traffic to your blog when you have NO IDEA where to start


Learn the step by step way to set up your blog, even if you don't know how to code and want to throw sharp objects at tech related stuff. Idiot proof :)

 $100,$1,000 & $10,000 

Find out how I made my first $100, $1,000 and then $10,000 from my blogs with actual programs and methods I used :)

Blogging Income Reports!

Find out how much other bloggers are making in different niches, travel, parenting, finance, food, self development, it's all there for you to see!

oh hai! It's Aisha Preece here

 5 years ago, I sat in my stuffy office job looking out the window, wishing I was somewhere else. 

 I didn't like the job I was in, I didn't want my boss's job, I wanted to get out and work remotely while traveling the world but I didn't know HOW


 Is it a secret Only Fans account? Dad's trust fund money? Selling their kidneys? 

 Turns out a lot of them finally figured the secret: Running a monetised blog! 

 So, I went about creating my first blog in 2017, and made a ton of mistakes.

Fast forward past the snotty tear filled tissues and lying on the bathroom floor wondering if an Only Fans account is the way to go....

 I finally managed to earn USD10K per month last year.

Blogging changed my life, its bought me freedom to travel the world, save for my future and take care of my family too!

I created this this Make Money Blogging Training to demystify how blogs make money, once and for all! 

I want to cut through the fluff and theory and give you practical steps and shortcuts I took, to start making money from my blogs, so you can too!

so are you in or are you in?!...

Ready to finally figure out how to make money from your blog?

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